Thanks to Adobe Photoshop, removing a beard has never been simpler in 2022. It’s Multipurpose Brush tool, Clone Stamp tool, and some other tools are just what you need to do so. To work with the tools of Photoshop proficiently and in a more controlled way, It is advised to become familiar with the idea of layers and masks. If you already are, then let’s get on with how to remove a beard in photoshop using those powerful tools.

Types of Editing Tools to Remove A Beard in Photoshop

There are a couple of specific tools that are used to remove beards in Photoshop. Following are the types of tools you can use –

1. Brush Tool: Brush Tool is one of the most versatile tools in Photoshop. You can primarily use this tool to remove beards even if you lack knowledge about other tools.

2. Clone Stamp Tool: This is a specific type of brush tool as well. It takes a sample skin portion from a source and paints that portion on the destination.

3. Spot Healing Tool: If you want to remove stubble or very short beards, the ‘Spot Healing Tool’ is the most efficient tool to use.

How to Remove a Beard in Photoshop 

 These are the steps you need to follow to remove beards from an image in Photoshop-

Step 1 

Run Adobe Photoshop and open the image you want to remove the beard from. You can simply drag and drop the image on Photoshop as well. Higher the resolution of your image, greater the editing results you can get.  Therefore, ensure that the photograph has high resolution.

Step 2 

Create a duplicate of the Background layer. It will allow you to compare the results after you make any changes to the image. Also, it gives you a lot of flexibility. 

Creating A Duplicate Layer

Step 3 

If you want to remove beards using a regular Brush tool, this step and the next one are for you. Put a selection over the face area you want to remove beards from. You can use any selection tool that you are most comfortable working with, but we suggest the ‘Pen Tool’ for the most accuracy.  Press ‘B’ to select the Brush Tool. Press and hold the ‘Alt’ key (if you are using a Mac- the ‘option’ key) and click the nearby area of the beards. It will take a sample from that area. You can press ‘[‘ or ‘]’ to change the size of the brush. Now Paint over the beards to remove them.

Step 4 

At this point, your image will look a little bit unnatural with no facial textures on it. To bring back textures, you need to put a face with texture over the face of the image. That face can be from any source (your photograph or downloaded image). Now align the new face on top of the old one. Use ‘Warp Tool’ if necessary. After that, go to Filter-Other-High Pass and adjust the value of the textures. Once done, select the blend mode of the layer into ‘overlay’ or ‘vivid light’. You can also adjust the opacity if need be. Finally, Put a mask on the layer and remove the unnecessary portion of the new image from the old one.  

Step 5 

If you want to remove beards using the Clone Stamp tool, select it from the tools panel or press ‘S’. Now all you got to do is press and hold the ‘Alt’ key to take a sample from a nearby area of the beard, select the Blending Mode into ‘Lighten’ and paint over the beard. The beauty of ‘Lighten’ Blend Mode is, it only paints over the black pixels. If you accidentally make any portion brighter which was not supposed to be, simply select the blend mode into ‘Darken’ and repaint that portion. 

Change The Mode To Lighten

Step 6 

You can also remove small beards or stubble from the image with Spot Healing Brush Tool. To do so, Select this tool from the ‘Clone Stamp Tool’ panel and adjust the brush size by pressing ‘[‘ or ‘]’. Start by slowly painting over beards. It takes textures from nearby areas as well to put it over the spot/beard.

Using Clone Stamp Tool

Step 7 

Once done, save your work. Export the image from the ‘File’ dropdown menu. Choose whatever format you prefer.

There you are. That’s how to remove a beard in Photoshop.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I retouch my beard in Photoshop?

Press ‘J’ to select the ‘Spot Healing Brush’. Left Click on your mouse to find the option for the Hardness and Size of the brush. Now paint over the beards to remove them.

How do I remove stubble in Photoshop?

Select the ‘Clone Stamp Tool’ and put the mode to ‘Lighten’. Press the ‘Alt’ key if you are using a Windows system or press the ‘Option’ key if you are using a Mac to take samples from the skin. Now paint over beards to copy exact detail, texture and color from sampled part of the image. 

How do editors remove facial hair?

Use the clone tool to clone neighboring skin onto the hair. To make the cloning flawless, use a brush with feathers or a soft brush. Use the blur filter then adjust the tone to blend in with the surrounding skin. To adjust the tone, copy and paste a section of “hairless skin” into the “hairy region.”


Before we conclude, there are 2 very important tips we would like to share with you. First one, zoom the image as much as needed (300%-400%) so that you don’t miss any minor details while editing. And the other one, whatever edit you make to an image, make them in a non-destructive manner. For instance, use adjustment layers from the layer panel, transform the image with Smart Objects, retouch on a separate layer and put smart filters if necessary.  This way, you can remove beards without damaging your original image. This is the proper way to remove a beard in Photoshop.

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