When it comes to image editing or raster-based graphic works, Adobe Photoshop has by far the collection of the most powerful tools. You can make yourself slimmer, and cut down fat rolls instantly if you know how to use those tools with precision. Before getting on with how to remove fat rolls in photoshop, it is recommended to learn the basic usage of Liquify filter, Clone stamp tool, Warp tool, and Spot Healing Brush tool. Once we do, let’s begin the tutorial.

Step by Step Process to Remove Fat Rolls in Photoshop

Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop and load the image with the fat rolls that you want to remove. You can simply drag and drop the image on Photoshop as well.

Step 2: Go to the Filter Panel and click ‘Liquify’. You can use the shortcut “Shift+Ctrl+X” to open Liquify panel as well. Liquify filter is supported by Photoshop 6 and later versions.


Step 3: Once you open the Liquify filter menu, a couple of tools will be shown there on the left side of the panel. By default, ‘Forward Warp Tool’ will be selected. Even if it is not, you can simply select it by pressing the shortcut ‘W’. A preview window will be there for your convenience. Make sure the opacity is 0. Now simply click the fat rolls and drag them inwards little by little using the brush which is already selected for you. You can increase the brush size with shortcut ‘]’ or decrease it with ‘[’.

Step 4: After dragging the extra body portions inward, you need to fix the curves/fat rolls. To do so, select the Clone Stamp Tool or press ‘S’. Select a sample from the nearby body areas holding the ‘Alt’ key and paint over the fat rolls. This tool copies exact detail and color from sampled part of the image to the area you are painting. After painting, if you see any color difference on the edges, pick the ‘Spot healing brush tool’ and paint over the edges. Again, you can increase/decrease the size of your brush using ‘[‘ or ‘]’ keys. Don’t worry if you made any mistakes. You can simply undo your actions by pressing ‘Ctrl+Z’ and try again.

Step 5: Click “OK” and save your work.

There you go. That’s how to remove fat rolls in photoshop. If the method discussed above seems too complicated for you, we have some other ways for you to fix fat rolls and look slimmer.

 Alternative Method

If you think ‘Liquify Filter’ is entirely not your cup of tea, Adobe Photoshop has another powerful tool to get you covered, known as the ‘Puppet Warp Tool’. This tool is supported by Photoshop CS5 and higher versions. To remove fat rolls using ‘Puppet Warp Tool’- go to the ‘Edit’ dropdown menu and select ‘Puppet Warp’, you will find your image covered in a mesh. Drag around the mesh to change the proportion of the elements in your image. When you are done, use the ‘Clone Stamp Tool’ and ‘Spot healing brush tool’ to paint over it to give it a natural look.

Frequently Asked Question


How can I reduce my belly size in Photoshop?

Open the image in photoshop and go to Liquify Filter. Select the ‘Pucker Tool’ from the Liquify panel or simply press ‘S’. Increase the brush size using the ‘]’ key. Make sure the size of your brush is bigger than the belly part containing fat. Now go to the center of the belly and click several times until you get your desired outcome. This will pull extra body fats inside. After that, select the ‘Clone Stamp Tool’ and take a sample from the nearby body areas holding the ‘Alt’ key and paint over the fat areas to level it and use the ‘Spot healing brush tool’ to eliminate any unwanted color differences.

Can you slim your body in Photoshop?

Click the ‘Warp tool’ and drag it around the photo you like to reduce or extend body parts carefully. To use the warp tool, first, select the portion of the image using any selection tool. Then Click the ‘Edit’ dropdown menu, select ‘Transform’, and then ‘Warp’.

Why can’t I liquify in Photoshop?

The liquify preview window usually does not work properly on a lower-spec computer. In that case, you need to make a little change to your Photoshop preference menu. The preference menu can be found at the very bottom of the edit tab (or just press ‘Ctrl+K’). Go to the Performance tab and uncheck the box of ‘Use Graphics Processor’. This will allow liquify preview window to work properly on your pc.


 In Photoshop no tool is better than the other ones. Whichever tool you are most comfortable working with, will give you the most positive result. We recommend you explore these tools and filters especially when you are looking for how to remove fat rolls in photoshop.

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