To make any cloth semi-transparent, Adobe Photoshop is the most accurate and powerful software currently available on the internet.  The following article is an educational one and is to be strictly used in an ethical way. To be able to see through the shirt on any image, the image must have hidden pixels beneath the white shirt.

Photoshop basically darkens or more specifically makes the pixels of the shirt semi-transparent while keeping those hidden pixels untouched. This is the same as making the shirt seen-through. Today’s lesson will teach you how to see through white shirt, and what tools you need to master to do so.

Tools We Are Using to See Through White Shirt

1. Selection Tool: You can use any selection tool you like depending on your image. Different images require different selection methods depending on their background contrast.

2. Pen Tool: The pen tool is the best selection tool for pinpoint accuracy. But it requires creating the whole pathway of your selection. Thus, it takes way more time compared to other selection methods.

3. Layer Adjustment Tool: You will need to make the hidden pixels underneath white shirts visible using various layer adjustment tools. It is also necessary to use a ‘clipping mask’ along with it.

How to See Through White Shirt 

There are a couple of ways you can make a white shirt see-through. Even though the core process is the same with all of these methods, they are different depending on their selection methods. Your image may have one of these 3 scenarios.

1– There is enough contrast between the subject with the white shirt and its background. In such a case selecting the white shirt becomes quite easy.

2– When the subject has a busy background, it becomes a bit harder for photoshop to pinpoint the edges of the white shirt.

3– When the background is as white as the subject’s white shirt, there is almost no contrast between them, this is the toughest scenario and takes a complicated approach to separate the shirt.

Let’s run you through how you can make a white shirt see-through in each of these 3 scenarios. We have also provided notes with the steps so that you get to know everything you should know about the step.

Scenario 1: High Contrast (Quick Selection)

In this scenario, the background should be dark. So it should be easy to select a white shirt. To do so-

Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop and load your image into Photoshop/ You can also copy your image and paste it into photoshop or simply drag that image into photoshop. 

Open Image File in Photoshop
Open Image File in Photoshop

[Note: Make sure you work with a High-Resolution image. The higher the quality of your image, the better output gets. Also, make sure the image has some hidden pixels underneath the white shirt.]

Step 2: Now put a selection over your shirt using the Quick Selection Tool or Object selection tool.

[Shortcut: W is the key for the tool group Magic Wand and Quick Selection Tool. If you need to change to the other press SHIFT+W.]

Select Shirt with Quick Selection Tool
Select Shirt with Quick Selection Tool

Step 3: Now go to the Adjustment Layer panel and take a ‘Level’ adjustment layer.

[Shortcut: Press ctrl+L in windows or cmd+L on a Mac]

Step 4: Move the Slider on the level panel slowly to get the result you want.

Adjust The Adjustment Level
Adjust The Adjustment Level

[Note: Here, the left bar on the slider controls the dark pixels of your selection, the right bar controls bright pixels and the middle bar controls midtones.]

Step 5: Save your work and Export the image in your preferred format. 

Scenario 2: Busy Background (Pen Tool)

In this scenario, the background has noises that make it difficult for Photoshop to accurately select the edges of your shirt. In such cases, you need to use the good old ‘Pen Tool’ to pinpoint those edges. To do so-

Step 1: Open your image on Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2: Find the ‘Pen Tool’ from the tools panel and draw a path over the edges of the Shirt you want to see through

[Shortcut: press P]

Step 3: After the path/outline is made, convert the path into a selection

[Note: To do that, right-click on anywhere while the pen tool is selected on the layer you drew the path, then click ‘Make Selection’]

Step 4: After the selection is done. Create a ‘Curves Adjustment Layer’ 

[Shortcut: press ctrl+M in windows or cmd+M on a Mac.]

Step 5: Move the Slider on the curves panel slowly to get the result you want.

[Note: ‘Curve’ is the newer and advanced version of ‘Level’ with more grip on the pixels of the image, the left bar on the slider controls the dark pixels of your selection, the right bar controls bright pixels and the middle bar controls midtones.]

Step 6: Once done, save your work and Export the image.

Scenario 3: Little to no Contrast (Blend Mode) 

If the background of your image has the same color and brightness as your shirt, Photoshop can not tell how to see through white shirt, since it becomes impossible for Photoshop AI to differentiate the shirt from the background. In such case

Step 1: Open the image in Photoshop and create a copy of the background layer

Step 2: Take a ‘Solid Color’ adjustment layer

[Note: It can be any color but make sure it is bright]

Step 3: Now change the blending mode of the layer into ‘Color Burn’ 

[Note: This blending mode darkens the colors and increases the contrast of the base colors, then blends the colors of the blending layer]

Step 4 Now adjust the color by moving the color picker to create as much contrast as possible between the shirt and the background.

Step 5: Once enough contrast is made, the shirt with the selection/pen tool. 

Step 6: Delete the color blend layer when the selection is made.

Step 7: Take a Level adjustment layer or a Curve adjustment layer 

[Note: We recommend using Curves instead of Levels as it allows the user more control over the pixels. It has all the features of levels and then some]

Step 8: Adjust the bright pixels and the dark pixels of the shirt using the slider till you get the best outcome

Step 9: Save and export your image.

There you go. That’s how to see through white shirt in Photoshop using 3 different methods.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there an app to make clothes see-through?

At the current time, Ezel Software created an Android software that allows users of Android-powered smartphones to see through some thin fabrics. But to make the image more accurate and natural, you have to take the help of Adobe Photoshop.

How do you make a shirt transparent in Photoshop?

Create a transparent layer over the clothing using the Brush tool, and then remove the background with the Transparent Image Filter. 4. Modify the color of the clothes so that you can see through them using the Hue/Saturation tool.

How do you see through clothes on your iPhone?

There are several techniques to edit images on an iPhone so that see-through clothing is visible.. Using the Clothing Eraser app is one option. With the use of this app, you can look through photos by removing clothes from them.


Even though there are numerous photo editing software available today, none of them allows their users such advanced features as making clothes see-through other than Photoshop and Picasa. Photoshop gives more versatility to its users compared to Picasa. There are no specific tools or techniques that work well equally for all images. Different images call for different techniques and tools. So it is wise to master them all. Also, it is equally important to stay up to date with the new features that come with every new version of photoshop to work more efficiently.

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