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If you are in the business of selling clothing online, you are well aware of how difficult it can be to convey how a product fits accurately. Customers are more interested in seeing what your products will look like when they are being worn as opposed to when they are resting flat; nevertheless, hiring a model for each of your product shots might be prohibitively expensive.

This method entails merging together photographs of the interior and exterior of your garment and erasing any signs of the model or mannequin, leaving behind a photograph that accurately represents how your product fits in three dimensions.


What’s meant by the term ghost mannequin service?


The post-processing solution known as “ghost mannequin” is fantastic for assisting owners of businesses in the fashion or garment industries to better showcase their wares in physical stores and on the internet. There are a lot of different photoshop altering techniques that may be used to make pictures suitable for use in commercial settings. 


There is undoubtedly a ghost mannequin sitting above them. An effect in Photoshop known as the ghost mannequin is used on people who need to improve their appearance to attract clients’ attention. The ghost mannequin effect is used primarily for garment products such as shirts, pants, and jackets, as well as items for women. This effect gives the garments a perfect look through which they come in a very appealing form.

Why is it necessary for businesses to use Ghost mannequin services?

The photographers utilize a mannequin to provide a two-dimensional or three-dimensional shape to the various apparel products. However, because of the mannequin, the photographs cannot be utilized directly in online eCommerce product stores. Therefore, the designers use various Photoshop techniques to get rid of the dummy displayed with these apparel pieces. The effect created when the dummy is removed in this manner is known as the ghost or invisible mannequin effect.


The provision of a ghost mannequin service is, above all else, indispensable for creating an appealing impression of a product. In addition to that, there is a multitude of reasons to make use of this service, including the following:

  • To remove the mannequin,
  • To form a 2D or 3D shape,
  • To get rid of undesirable creases, dust, spots, dumps, etc.,
  • To perform tasks such as cropping, resizing, straightening, etc.
  • To enhance the beauty of product photos and make them more appealing.
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